1. The terms school board and board are used in this handbook to refer to district school boards and school authorities.
  2. School structures can vary and there is a growing number of schools that are structured to provide programs for students from Full-Day Kindergarten through Grade 12 or Grade 7-12.
  3. A committee of the whole board or committee of the whole is a board committee that is made up of all of the board’s members.
  4. School Board Governance: A Focus on Achievement, see
  5. Education Improvement Commission. The Road Ahead II: A Report on the Role of School Boards and Trustees, (Toronto: Government of Ontario, 1997). p. 11
  6. Information about Grants for Student Needs is found on the Ministry of Education website at:
  7. Exemplar documents for subjects and courses are found at:

    Elementary documents:

    Secondary documents:

  8. According to Ontario Regulation 464/97, a local association is an organization or association that operates locally and is affiliated with a provincial body operating to further the interests and well-being of one or more groups of exceptional students.
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