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439 University Avenue,
Suite 800
Toronto, ON M5G 1Y8
Telephone: 647.499.4261

What Is ACÉPO?

The vibrancy of French-language public education is the focus of our association.

The Association des conseils scolaires des écoles publiques de l’Ontario is a not-for-profit organization that represents all French-language public schools in the province of Ontario. Enrolment in our system has increased by 50% over the past fifteen years.

The Association’s mandate is to:

  • assist its members in the sustainable development of Ontario’s French-language secular education system and vitality;
  • ensure that Ontarian’s constitutional right to secular French-language is respected and to advocate for adequate funding of schools, operations and capital expenditures;
  • act as the statutory employer bargaining agency for our school boards in the collective bargaining process at the central level.

ACÉPO supports its members in promoting and defending French-language secular education.


Throughout the province, Ontarians have equitable access to French-language public education of the finest quality.


ACÉPO is a democratic association whose actions are grounded in respect, integrity, inclusion, and transparency.

Who Are Its Members?

The Association consists of the French-language public school boards and their trustees who represent their constituents across the entire province of Ontario.

What Exactly Does ACÉPO Do?

ACÉPO provides a range of resources and services to its members to support them in the role of providing students with high standards programs and services in appropriate facilities.

ACÉPO encourages continuous measurable improvement in students’ education, programs, and services. The goal is to help school boards ensure that students reach their full potential in school and in society and thereby invigorate and sustain francophone communities.

ACÉPO offers communication, networking and coordination among all French-language public school boards and their trustees.

ACÉPO provides representation, information, and research regarding its members’ concerns and interests.

ACÉPO facilitates partnerships with those who share common objectives and increases efficiencies when possible.

ACÉPO ensures that its members are current with respect to issues of the day, new legislation and policies. It also facilitates and encourages discussions with jurists, elected officials, senior staff from the Ministry of Education and other relevant experts.

Areas of Activity

Collective bargaining

ACÉPO as the statutory employer bargaining agency for our school boards cooperates with the Crown and the other school board/trustees’ associations as management partners in the preparation and bargaining of central agreements with bargaining agents representing teachers and support staff.

French-Language Education – Student Programs and Services

ACÉPO supports its members’ requirements in the areas of curriculum, evaluation, learning programs, and special education policy and is proud to support the improvement of students’ results in literacy and numeracy and other skills.

ACÉPO works hand-in-hand to ensure that the Ontario government’s French-language policies protect and enhance French-language public schools and communities.

ACÉPO continuously monitors both provincial and federal government initiatives.

ACÉPO works to develop French-language infrastructure within Ontario.

ACÉPO supports the French-language community and early learning education. One of our projects is

ACÉPO cooperates with educational organizations within Ontario and at the national level.

ACÉPO participates in a number of committees, task forces, and working groups.

ACÉPO serves on the board of directors of the Fédération nationale des conseillères et conseillers scolaires francophones (FNCSF).

Political Advocacy

ACÉPO communicates with all levels of community and government. In particular, ACÉPO maintains close contact with the Minister of Education, senior government staff, and MPPs from all political parties.

ACÉPO gives input to the Legislative Standing Committees on specific matters.

ACÉPO expresses its opinion to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance regarding the funding of the French-language public education system.

Within the context of a publicly funded educational system, ACÉPO assists its members to ensure that all students in the province receive equitable funding. ACÉPO prepares position papers on various funding issues.

Communications and Media Relations

ACÉPO publishes news releases and responds to media requests. ACÉPO also endeavours to ensure that issues affecting French-language school boards are accurately represented in media reports.

Legal Support

ACÉPO retains the services of a law firm to represent it and support advocacy efforts on behalf of its members.